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Walter Alfred Olen

[unforseen:] visionaire of


is dedicated in admiration of the aviation legacy kindled by the then FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE AUTO COMPANY (of Clintonville, Wisconsin) President Walter A. Olen in 1939.

HERMAN the Duck Logo - WCA, circa 1948


WISCONSIN CENTRAL AVIATION encourages sim-Aviation Executive/Manager application to join the WISCONSIN CENTRAL AVIATION Corporate Team.

(val) WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIRLINES encourages sim-Aviator/Aviatrix application to join the (val) WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIRLINES Team.

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NC51401 (foreground) and NC63662 (CESSNA UC-78B's)

(B/W Photograph from the Terry Love Collection - ZPCS WD colorized) WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIRLINES UC-78B's (NC51401 and NC63662)

It is 1944. The FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE AUTO COMPANY (FWD) has been informerly providing AIR TAXI SERVICE for the Clintonville Area going into three years and the WACO's are in need of aircraft parts that are wearing out.


FWD purchases two Twin-engine under-fuselage fixed-wing Mono-plane CESSNA UC-78B's from the UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCE (USAAF) Military Surplus with intent to have these CESSNA's provide cost-effective replacement parts for the WACO's.


The parts purchase, having been concluded and the aircraft delivered to Clintonville, finds the condition of the CESSNA's are better than the now taxi service worn and aged WACO's. FWD decides to prep the CESSNA's and place them into service as successional steads to the WACO's (additionally succeeding the HOWARD DGA-15P).

NC51401 and NC63662
NC63662 and NC51401
These two BOBCATs were the main stay of intrastate flight operations for seven months in 1946 before the acquisition of WCA's first three LOCKHEED 10A ELECTRA's.

(val) WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIRLINES BOBCATs bearing the paint scheme depicted by Chuck Boie.
These are the first two known sim-WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIRLINES BOBCATs in paint(s) for Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002, 2004, and FSX. These paint(s)1 (by Douglas) are for the "free-to-public download" of the ALPHASIM ALPHA CESSNA T-50 BOBCAT created for use in Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002 & 2004 by ALPHASIM and the ALPHASIM ALPHA CESSNA T-50 BOBCAT (updated by NOR-CAL) for use in the Microsoft® Flight Simulator X (FSX) environment.

1 paint(s): Copyright © Protected (US CODE TITLE 17) by, and Intellectual Property (Bayh-Doyle Act of 1980) of, Douglas William Drescher. Now available to the general public in granted opportunty to possess the "paint" to be utilized under written restriction(s) authority by the "paint" creator: Douglas William Drescher.

(Respective: the Douglas William Drescher paint(s) versioned of NC51401 and NC63662 are Copyright © Protected 2011 - 2015 All Right(s) Reserved with Perpetual Assignment currently.)



Provisionally founded with a Home Office (in Clintonville, Wisconsin by Francis M. Higgins and Hal N. Carr, in MAY 1944), WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIRLINES initially started an unscheduled and non-fixed route air transportation service airline operating within Wisconsin state with two CESSNA T-50 (UC-78B) BOBCAT aircraft having been previously owned by (initially sold to) the FOUR WHEEL DRIVE COMPANY of Clintonville, Wisconsin. The fledgling airline operation became more organized by employing a mainly intrastate proving scheduled route service to its then current unscheduled operations within two years. ...more

The two WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIRLINES (VAL) BOBCATs bearing the paint scheme depicted by Chuck Boie.

NC51401   NC63662


The mainly Wisconsin state intrastate flight operations served by the two BOBCATs just may have included proving scheduled air travel serving Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago (Illinois), Wausau, Rhinelander, Land-O-Lakes, Duluth (Minnesota), Superior, Minneapolis (Minnesota), Eau Claire, LaCrosse, and other Locales surrounding/between prior to the 1946 U.S. Gov't. Air Mail Route #86 Contract Award.

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